(2021, September 2). These advisors also help you source parts for your aircraft. There are those who claim that the Duke was purposefully designed to be about 30 knots [55km/h] slower than it could easily have been on the available power simply because otherwise it would have been faster than the flagship of the Beech line, the King Air. [8] The design used components and the bonded wing construction from Beechcraft's single-engined Musketeer line. The systems are straightforward and typical Beech. Quick Look: Hawker 4000 AOPA. Despite the sweeping wing, it performs well on the sea level runway. The Premier debuted in the 2000s under the Raytheon Aircraft brand, featuring a composite fuselage and conventional metal wings. The only area in which the Seneca will one-up the Baron is in the service ceiling. The membership offers an online maintenance course that teaches certified mechanics about maintenance procedures on Beechcraft airplanes. The first Baron included the fully-swept vertical stabilizer of the Debonair while still retaining the four to four+five place seating of the Travel Air. https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/BE60. Textron, A. New Beechcraft King Air 360 Eases Pilot Workload | Flying. Data from Janes's All The World's Aircraft 197677 [14], Media related to Beechcraft Duke at Wikimedia Commons, Last edited on 30 September 2022, at 10:34, "Beechcraft Serialization List, 1945 thru 2014", "Supplemental Type Certificate Number SA01672SE: Installation of two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-35 engines and two Hartzell HC-E4N-3N/D8292B-2 propellers", "The Pilot's Lounge #126: The Less-Than-Great Planes", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Beechcraft_Duke&oldid=1113214382. He fell in love with aviation when he was just 5 years old. https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2019/november/pilot/turbine-quick-look-hawker-800-series. The Model A60s turbo-superchargers were lighter, allowing the TSIO-540-E1C4 engines to operate at their maximum rated horsepower at a higher altitude. The Model 58 is built on the Model 55 platform but has a longer fuselage and seating for six (pilot included) in a club seat configuration. Beech Aircrafts philosophy was innovative technology, customer happiness, and corporate integrity, which it upholds to this day. (2020, December 2). The reason is that it was only ever meant to be a stepping stone for a different model. The same year, the Baron Model 58TC was introduced. Extreme Flexibility, Endless Opportunity. Not only spare parts are available, but also a variety of modifications for the aircraft. I am looking for some input from you all on buying a Duke vs a Baron (55 or 58 will do for my mission). Textron Aviation newsroom. Regardless of the Model, Barons hold their value well, and this is apparent when you look at the prices these high time aircraft sell for. The single-engine section was replaced with an extra center section situated on a wing center section that supported two nacelles with Bonanza wings connected to their outer edges. The Model 58 has five variants. Beechcraft: A History. The 1969 Musketeer Series was made up of a Super III 200 hp 4-seater at a normal price of $18,450; the Custom III 180 hp, a four-seater for 16,250 dollars; a Custom III Aerobatic at $18,950; the two-seater (four-seater) Sport III Aerobatic for $16,250. AT-6. Most were registered in the United States but examples were exported to many countries including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Honduras, Iceland, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa and the United Kingdom. The engines were mated to a Baron C55 chassis, and the aircraft was named the Model 56TC. Crown Publishers. Much of that power doesn't translate to thrust at the propellers. Come join us! (n.d.). We are a collective group of airline instructors, and pilots dedicated to all things aviation. In 2019, Baroncelebrated its 50th anniversary, with more than 3,100 aircraft delivered globally since the initial delivery in 1970. It included lighter turbo-superchargers with internal improvements that extended their life, new interior textiles and leathers, and a modified pressurization control system that enabled smoother overall operation and increased cabin comfort throughout the final stages of manufacture. https://www.flyingmag.com/staggerwing-was-climax-and-end-an-era/. But the price difference emerges when trying to buy a new engine. Textron Aviation newsroom. The Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion avionics suite comprises three 14-inch touchscreen displays, synthetic vision systems, and graphical flight planning on the avionics side. Many people acquire a Duke for aesthetic reasons but end up selling it because of the high maintenance costs. https://www.pilotmall.com/blogs/news/the-history-of-the-beechcraft-starship-and-its-sad-ending. The overhaul process helps extend the life of the engine and ensures safe operation. King Air 360. https://beechcraft.txtav.com/en/king-air-360#Interior. Innovative Solutions & Support (IS&S) ThrustSense autothrottle system is included with the Air King 360. [citation needed], The Baron 55 was sold with four seats in two rows as standard equipment; a third-row fifth seat was optional initially, and a sixth seat became optional on the A55. Textron Aviation newsroom. Bedell, P. A. In contrast to the Model 55 and Model 58, the Model 56 had a very short-lived production cycle, with only 93 ever produced. A retractable canopy shielded the cockpit. (n.d.). [6] The Beechcraft 60 was, despite its very good performance, only a moderate seller, principally because the complicated technology demanded a high expenditure on maintenance. [5][6], Model 55 Barons were produced from 1961 to 1983, with 3,651 manufactured. Piper aircraft are having higher operational costs than Beechcraft for a variety of reasons. Like the Travel Air, the 55 comprised a Bonanza fuselage fitted with a conventional tail, not the V-tail. The industrys first single-lever power control system, the Full Authority Digital Engine and Propeller Control (FADEPC), reduces pilot effort while increasing control and responsiveness. According to many, the Model 60 Duke is a broad-shouldered twin with bulging nacelles that is one of the most impressive-looking planes ever built. Textron Aviation states that updating their products regularly is a top priority for them. https://media.txtav.com/196501-royal-flying-doctor-service-selects-upgraded-special-missions-beechcraft-king-air-360-aircraft. Boatman, J. Quick Look: Hawker 4000 AOPA. The rarity of the Model 56 makes it nearly impossible to find on for sale. For governments and armies, Beechcraft manufactures aerial survey, surveillance, air ambulance, training, and utility/transport variants of the King Air 260, as well as the King Air 360/360ER. Approachable Aircraft: Beech Sundowner and Musketeer | Flying. The total useable fuel is 122 gal ( 462 l), which is 72 gal (272 l) less than the Barons 194 gal (734 l) tanks. The Senecas engines are manufactured by Continental and are mated to triple-blade McCauley propellers, but thats where the similarity ends. For example, in 2021, a King Air 350 is offered for $1.2 million, in spite of the fact that it was manufactured in 1990 and has 7200 hours of flying time, while another model from 2002 is available for $2.2 million and has 3674 hours of flight time. The first-ever Baron 55 is a four-seater, twin-engine aircraft powered by Continental IO-470, producing 260 hp (190 kW) per engine. Comparisons Click on the aircraft models below and see for yourself how the Aerostar compares. The cockpit is spacious, with excellent vision, and the controls are solid and responsive, similar to those found in other Beechcraft models. During its 60 year history, Beechcraft introduced 15 variants of the Baron, including a military variant and a turboprop variant. According to OverhaulBids.com, these engines have a TBO of 1500 hours. The Hawker 4000 is impressive in size and performance while preserving Hawker traditions such as exceptional cabin comfort and enjoyable flight features. Even though its owners are dissatisfied with its economics, no one can dispute how enticing it is. Listings under $1,500,000.00 require 15% down and for asking prices of $23,529.00 - $58,823.52 assume rate of 7.99% APR on a 10-year term, for asking prices of $58,823.53 - $117,647.06 assume a rate of 7.49% APR on a 15-year term, for . The Baron 58P/58TC models were capable of cruising at 200 knots (370km/h) at 8000ft (2400 m) and 220 knots (410km/h) at 20000ft (6100 m), and were typically equipped with 190 US gallon (719 L) fuel tanks. Textron Aviations Denali Joins the Beechcraft Family | Flying. Bombardier Global 8000 Guide and Specs: Superior Sonic Transportation, Embraer Legacy 450 Guide and Specs: The Stepping Stone, Bombardier Challenger 300 Guide and Specs, An annual policy with $1,000,000 in liability-only coverage, An Annual policy with $1,000,000 in liability-only coverage and $182,000 hull overage, Qualified pilot: $6,300 $11,500 per year, Low-time pilot: $8,200 $13,700 per year, A visual inspection from Beechcraft Service Clinic Inspectors, Online Mechanic and Flight Instructor Training. The Beechcraft Baron is a popular airplane, which is helpful because the more aircraft available, the higher the chance that the company still supports it. The History Of the Beechcraft Starship Plane And Its (Sad) Ending PilotMall.com. Find more About Us here! In comparison to typical aluminum constructions, the thin composite wall allows for a wider interior width. Meanwhile, Beechcraft's Bonanza had been improved with a Continental IO-470-N. https://www.baaa-acro.com/aircraft/beechcraft-60-duke. However, aircraft performance might be well above what inexperienced pilots can handle. For one, Piper uses less expensive materials in their construction. Duke has an average range for its class. One Duke was flown by the Jamaica Defense Force. Many pilots of 800 mentioned how robust the aircraft is and the aircraft delivered on that promise, except in hot or high-altitude circumstances. However, one benefit of falling short in terms of performance is that the Seneca is much cheaper than the Baron. When we're not in the air, we're here helping others how to join us here at Aviator Insider. The average price for a Baron 55 is around $160,000 and the time on the airframes ranges from the sub 3,000s to 8,000s.Model 58 A fan favorite, Model 58s are plentiful on the market and are priced accordingly. McDowell, J. 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