Chill, man. Oh We hope you enjoy your stay. No. That actually leads me right into the next question! I have a good relationship with some of them now It was definitely a moment that I felt like This is me; Im really out here, really making moves. [laughs] Just having [the extras] there to hype me up was a lot of fun. But live it like it's now or never They might be right on that cutoff of starting in the 90s. A view from the family room of Julies (Madison Reyes) house set looking into both the kitchen and living room beyond. You know, your brother and I wouldn't even know where to begin. Carlos Ponce, Sonny Bustamante, and Alison Araya round out the cast as Julie's father, brother, and aunt, respectively. Vegetarian. So I came up with an artist and a collection to honor the pretentious nature of the museum. 807K followers. TikTok video from desired reality ( ":) #shifting #shiftingmethods #shiftingrealities #signs #manifestation #sign #affrimations #jatp #julieandthephantoms". Im wondering if your leadership translated to real-life interactions or if someone else was the leader of the pack behind the scenes? I loved so many songs especially "The Other Side of Hollywood", "Finally Free" and "Unsaid Emily". Thats one thing that I love putting into that character, and I feel like thats a lot of me in real life as well. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. Featuring interviews with performers, activists and past employees, this documentary offers a deep dive into the successes and scandals of Pornhub. On a happier note, I love Julies unique fashion sense. Tomorrow Just watch the television series. Im going to have to think about this. You got living to do luke: hey juli- julie? Ale jinak to bylo fajn ten, kterho rozhodn nelituju. Relight that spark time to come out of the dark Then there's Jadah Marie as Flynn, Julie's best friend, Savannah May as Carrie, Julie's enemy and former friend, and Sacha Carlson as Nick, Carrie's boyfriend and the boy Julie has a crush on. rewatched this last night and made a dr so fast oh my god #fyp #shifttok #shifting #julieandthephantoms #lukepatterson #jatpdr #julieandthephantomsdr, #foryou #fyp #realityshifting #shiftingrealities #julieandthephantoms #lukepatterson #shiftingmotivation, #JATPDR havent made a video about this dr in ages omfg #shifting #realityshifting #desiredreality #dr #charlottesrealities #desiredrealityshifting, My jatp dr :) #jatp #julieandthephantoms #shift #shifting #script #viral #fypdoesntwork, Shaytan will make u lose ur friends before ramadan, Ben fonds out roxy lied interview big beother. I like that question. The Other Side of Hollywood 6. I brought you my pasteles and arroz con pollo. Celeb Style Under $100. Wake up your dream and make it true , Julie continues singing: Look out, look inside of you Up right now Jeremy: Oh my gosh! julie and the phantoms shifting. By OPstylish. *cough Luke cough*. I know you mentioned that you got to meet with the costume designer [Soyon An] and give your input on what Julie wears. ( Sighs ) You sound just like Dr. Turner. We dressed a closed mall that suited our narrative perfectly. For those who've already seen "Julie and the Phantoms," it should come as no surprise that the series is executive produced by none other than Kenny Ortega, the mind behind Disney Channel hit franchises like "High School Musical" and "Descendants." It also felt like the writer hated Julie and Luke's relationship and cut out a lot of that and focused on Nick and Julie instead. https://1883magazine. This is the grungy, 1995 garage set. Micol Ostow. // I'd recommend giving this a pass and just using the time to rewatch the show instead. Charlie: Instead of being a thing about balancing, its a thing about being human. Julie and the Phantoms (starting point undetermined) Performance/Broadway DR: basically a DR where I can perform any musical, play, show, dance, song, etc.! Like the main house set, finishing a considerable amount of the exterior of the set enabled us to maximize our limited cast hours. Look out, look inside of you When I had to be in that mindset for those scenes, I just thought back to that uneasy feeling until she came back. But what was it like working with Kenny? For the longest time, I was like Oh, this is just for girls and then I fell in love with it. If these reports are right and the second season is already in development, then it's possible that production on new episodes could start this summer or sometime before the end of the year. We'll still fly What was it like having a hand in costume creation? didnt shift but i had a dream with the boys in it. * , i added way too much to my script but lets ignore that :D i love this show and figured it would be fun to read the book to get some more insight on my favorite scenes, but it skipped over almost all of the musical performances and took away from what makes the show so great. Boy: Thought you were afraid to come out here. It's what that girl said in there tonight. Uh Er We're gonna figure out this music program thing. Another of Ennis Nielsons pieces in our brutalist contemporary art museum set. In the finale, the boys appear to overcome this doomed prediction, and they are finally able to touch each other, interacting with the real world. Did it suffer from the stilted dialogue that plagues every screen-to-book novelization? I must have left the stereo on in the garage. And only one of them has to be a demon to make a demon baby. You can find specific show content by clicking the menu system at the top of the screen. // Luke sings: Take off A view of Julies (Madison Reyes) house set looking toward the main living room. Julie pairs up with Nick for a school performance and learns he broke up with Carrie. That's been singing in the rain At some point in the recent past, Julies (Madison Reyes) now deceased mother turned the grungy garage into a bright and comfortable music conservatory and studio. Because of the time restrictions having minors in the cast cause, we decided to finish a substantial amount of the exterior of the interior set so we could stage exterior scenes on stage, saving us a move to the real exterior house, and sparing us from the constant autumn/winter Vancouver rain. No! This is our Orpheum set. So, in the show, Alex identifies as gay which I think is really cool because theres a lack of LGBTQ+ visibility in the media and especially in media geared toward younger audiences. No, I don't play. But he's got something up his sleeve. Unfortunately, despite the show's obvious success, fans continue to wait for word on a second season. Owen: The thing that spoke strongest to me was that Alex is super anxious. With that in mind, the earliest fans might see a second season of "Julie and the Phantoms" would probably be late 2022 or early 2023. Kindness really does show. ", Julie And The Phantoms Season 2 - What We Know So Far. Julie and the Phantoms currently streaming on Netflix! This turned out to be a very wise investment. Let me know what happened in 1883 if you find out, ok? (@charlottesrealities): "#JATPDR havent made a video about this dr in ages omfg #shifting #realityshifting #desiredreality #dr #charlottesrealities #desiredrealityshifting". made a spur of the moment disision to shift to jatp last night. Going off of that, in the spirit of Reggies sunny disposition and humor, can you tell us about a specific behind-the-scenes moment with your Phantom bandmates that proved particularly funny or pleasantly surprising? Julie is a creative, resilient and ambitious Latin American girl. He has funny one-liners and a lot of physical comedy, but hes also a multi-dimensional character and he expresses emotions like fear and sadness. And Soyon was so lovely and made the process very easy Especially with me being a Latin girl as we get older, a few of our features definitely start to become a little bolder so that was definitely a different experience with getting fitted clothes that I wasnt very used to. The kitchen in Julies (Madison Reyes) house set. I can tell you that right now. I wouldnt say that Ive had a deep loss of a family member yet [unlike Julie, who loses her beloved mother before the series starts] and Im hoping not anytime soon, but Ive definitely had a little bit of experience here and there. Also in the cast are two former collaborators with Ortega, Cheyenne Jackson, who some might recognize from "American Horror Story," playing Caleb Covington, and Booboo Stewart from "Descendants," who is playing a skateboard-loving ghost named Willie who is also Alex's love interest. I think back a lot at all the stuff I did previously for school. La verdad que me re decepciono. It was really interesting to get to know the characters from their point of view. A central narrative of Julie and the Phantoms is that the three deceased ghost-boys (Charlie Gillespie, Owen Joyner, Jeremy Shada) who died in 1995 used to hold band practice in Julies (Madison Reyes) garage long before she was born. Slow down. Probably Nirvana Or maybe Linkin Park. This is the cafeteria. I mean, that's usually how ghosts work. Disappointing. And it was awesome. You really have to push through and stay positive. I won't let it cloud my mind No reason not to try I dont think thats the 90s, but can I choose it? She received her MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. I can imagine that there are quite a few outtakes from that! About our music, all right? But I absolutely loved it. s01e13 - Lopez vs Second Chances - Lopez vs. Lopez, s19e08 - The Mysteries of Alaska - Ancient Aliens, s04e29 - The Final Chapters (Part One) - Attack on Titan, s03e16 - Call Me Worth the Wait - Call Me Kat, s01e07 - Enemy of the People - Alaska Daily, s01e08 - God of Manmin Who Went to Prison - In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal, s01e07 - The Man Who Became God of Manmin - In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal, s01e06 - The Baby Garden of Death - In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal, s01e05 - The Baby Garden, On the Way to the Heaven - In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal. .css-ze5eiw-SpanViews{-webkit-flex-shrink:0;-ms-flex-negative:0;flex-shrink:0;padding-right:12px;color:rgba(22, 24, 35, .75);}5176 views|.css-15ooo5t-H4Link{font-family:ProximaNova,Arial,Tahoma,PingFangSC,sans-serif;font-weight:400;font-size:14px;line-height:20px;display:inline;color:rgba(22, 24, 35, .75);margin-left:12px;}.css-15ooo5t-H4Link a{color:rgba(22, 24, 35, .75);}. Street dogs haven't killed us yet. You become siblings because youre like I have to trust these people to support me, even when I cant support myself. So, we really, really got close and we havent stopped talking. Wake up, wake up if it's all you do A detail shot of the all girl-ghost-band, bandstand, and rotating stage in the Hollywood Ghost Club. Was it tricky or awkward to film these scenes since you couldnt really play off of anyone? Honey, of course I do. Madison and I did a lot of technical things as well But in reality, what really bonded us as Luke and Julie was being friends off-screen and just being super tight with each other. Alex and his crush Willie [portrayed by Booboo Stewart] have great chemistry. You know, every time I see you and Carlos, I see Mom. See, this is the issue with being born in the 2000s. We chose to build an LA-style Craftsman house because, despite their amazing construction theyre creaky and a little spooky, a perfect setting for a ghost story. Full charge No, no, no. This is my Hunter x Hunter shifting script! Charlie showed up in a cutoff and suspenders, and then I showed up in the pink sweatshirt. Julie and the Phantoms Step into your greatness #JATP Now streaming only on @netflix. We're just three ghosts, and we're really happy to be home. When she came out here, it was just rekindling our friendship and finally getting to hang out in person. Charlie: Its a thing you go through, as a child born in this era. Okay, well, I'm thinking we fuel up before the show. We will hopefully find out more about Caleb's evil plans, whether the Phantoms can be saved, and Julie's mother's story. They really brighten up the room. I watched Julie and the phantoms for the first time yesterday and Im making a DR there!! What? By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. No need to fear it you're not alone A view from the kitchen into the informal breakfast area in Julies (Madison Reyes) house set. I can't wait until we eat someplace where the condiments aren't served out of the back of an Oldsmobile. "Julie and the Phantoms" is a musical comedy for everyone to enjoy, and the series was very well-received by critics, earning a 93% on Rotten Tomatoeswith a 98% Audience Score. Little did I know that the book actually did the opposite. They were us already When we were acting, at least for me, I felt that I was just myself. Julie's blue printed tee and jacket on Julie and the Phantoms. Tell me what you saw. It's what you'll gain raising your voice to the rain You got the e-mail from the school, right? Reggie always brings the laughs. I'll make sure not to wipe the tables down with this one. Jeremy: Ironically, I would say, it might have been trickier and more awkward for the people who were acting off of me. And I only got to the part where they perform "Bright". Oh no. At one point, Charlie was playing his Nintendo Switch, literally during takes, before we were supposed to walk in. 807k Followers, 24 Following, 193 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Julie and the Phantoms (@julieandthephantoms) julieandthephantoms. I like TLC, [but] I wouldnt want to break that group because theyre very iconic. He is the guy A lot of the time, Kenny was like do this, do this and Id be like good call, good call, so Id get everybody together and Id say something. I was about to go watch your brother's game. She's just scared. While. Is this the junk that was in the loft? US residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. // I Got the Music 5. Electric hammer to the heart "Julie and the Phantoms" Season 2 will likely feature all of the same main cast members as Season 1, along with some new side characters. We all started cracking up and in order to make ourselves seem more professional, I tried to whisper to some of the makeup people off camera and be like Oh sorry, he sneezed, he needs some tissue! That was probably not the smartest thing because they tried to run through the frame to give us tissue real quick, and I was like No no no no no! Man muss dafr leider wirklich die Serie geguckt haben, um alle Zusammenhnge im Buch zu verstehen. You guys were the ones on fire. If you have a suggestion, say it, and hes gonna value it and hes gonna be like Yeah, lets add it! or hes gonna be like Maybe next time! which is just so beautiful how someone with so much experience compared to us is giving us so much credit and so much room to explore our creativity. Get help and learn more about the design. julie and the phantoms shifting script. It might be hard, theres gonna be a lot of nos, theres gonna be a lot of rejection but everything happens for a reason. And even if we hit the ground Julie: "What would you say if I told you there are three ghosts living in my mom's studio?". I always try to look on the bright side. Countdown till we blast open the top When you compare this to that, that was acting. There are pictures and obviously words. I loved every second of it. @jacktwolfe x #1883magazine Im wondering how you and the Phantoms play off of one another on-screen and also what your relationship is like off-screen? photos courtesy of Netflix. Feel free to use it as a template or for ideas! Was this book a little bit ridiculous? That being said I stilled loved reading the novelization of the show and Im really hoping for a season 2! 97 Likes, TikTok video from (@bvlledds): "This sound in my Julie and the phantoms dr <3 #shifting #shifttok #fy #dr #fypviral #shiftingrealities #fypaaage #fyp #fyp #thistrendinmydr #thissoundinmydr #julieandthephantomsdr". Now or never . Even if youre going through hard parts of your life or theres a global pandemic, just still be happy, and find things you enjoy and that make you laugh. This is a comprehensive DR script guide intended for the Hogwarts reality, unrelated to era. Jul 12, 2022 - Explore Emofish 's board "Julie and the phantoms shifting aesthetic" on Pinterest. Desperately need a season 2, this was SO disappointing. I get stressed out or I get overwhelmed or something and Ill literally sit down, put on my headphones, put on a playlist, and Ill just play through that playlist and then I stand up, and I feel better. Can you tell us about your own guitar career? That said I am definitely not the target audience I still had fun though reexperience the show through another medium. I was having a conversation with these guys [and] even though they were scripted lines, they just felt so natural like the things we would actually do and it was just a click. We'll still fly Fresh out of juvenile detention in Marseille, 17-year-old Zach falls for a young prostitute and soon faces a dire dilemma while working as a pimp. i had *no* expectations at all except for hoping that it'd bring me as much joy as the show did. A friend of mine was fangirling on Twitter over this series and I was getting curious and then I discovered that there was a novel version! 'Cause we're still rising So everyone has conflict and emotion, and you just gotta be ok with conflict. 'Cause you showed me how to do it On the day after the release of her new Netflix special The Twist? Wake up your dream and make it true , Julie continues singing: Look out, look inside of you I appreciate that from her, someone who [is new to TV acting] and then was thrown into this. We rechristened it as the home of the Los Feliz Bobcats. @95__Cameron Okay, I know you don't want me to ask, but have you figured out what you're gonna do today? Oh, and shes 100% Latin. Julie has a lot of powerhouse and poignant singing moments. Watch popular content from the following creators: madi (billie's version)(@yelena.vfxx), Ivy - lee <3(@pois0n.ivy555), art(@artiemccall), madi (billie's version)(@yelena.vfxx), bri <3(@bri..shifts), Venus (@azkabansfavprisoner), art(@artiemccall), maryyyyyy(@rosebud.shifter), <3(@maxmayfielq), . Starring: Madison Reyes, Charlie Gillespie, Owen Patrick Joyner. This was just living. Meet Matilda. Theres a scene where Julie is talking to her dad and her brother, [and] midway through that scene the ghosts poof in. Y-Y-You know that's like 25 years of rust just getting dusted off. I was just warming up. .No? Madison: Ive written a few songs [including] a song with Charlie called Perfect Harmony that is featured in the show so thats the biggest thing that Ive written. @wednesdaynetflix has truly taken over the world. I would play bonfire and stuff and then when Luke came around, I was like Boom! A reason to start electric. An Independent Rule Breaking Magazine credits to the artist on twt @sisigtofu for the cover i used !!!! I do like how they added more Spanish lines with Julie's family, that was great. Im wondering what it was like for you to dress as Alex for the duration of filming, and how Alexs style might compare to your own? He landed, he called me and he was like Hey, lets work together; lets work through these scenes, lets work on these lines and he just walked over to my apartment. #JulieAndThePhantoms" Won't stop climbing 'cause this is our time, yeah Im appreciative of Netflix for doing that and the music team for sponsoring us. Watch on Netflix. Okay. How is that possible? It was just so perfect and when I got to meet her, I was like this is it.. But live it like it's now or never How does he look? It's not what you lost Characters. I was really feeling it. Are you still here ( Exhales shakily ) .. whatever you are? Owen: Kenny never stopped talking about [Booboo] while we were in the auditions. The guy is an inspiration. Hopefully, we can get the house on the market and some offers soon. Thats tough. 77 Likes, TikTok video from Billy (@eclipsegh0st): "#JATPDR amo amo #eclipsegh0st #jatpshifting #julieandthephantoms #shifitingbr #shiftingrealities #desiredreality #foryoupage". My dad has had me listen to all the good music from way back when. Ghost-boys Alex (Owen Joyner) and Willie (Booboo Stewart) share an adventure of ghostly fun trespassing and skateboarding around a closed contemporary art museum. At least I can acknowledge them and do things in relation to them, but they have to go out of their way not to respond to me and not look at me. Did any moments prove emotionally difficult to film? A year after her mom passed away, Julie plays one of her old CDs. As soon as she got cast I got to call her and tell her she was cast we exchanged numbers and we talked every day before we met each other again in Vancouver. Those were the best shades of my life Its someone telling me like Hey, this is Luke. And I got to really explore that. It's not what you lost It helps them. photog, Northern Irish and French-Lebanese actress @natach, With a penchant for crafting enthralling electro-p, Ever since rising to superstardom as one-sixth of, With two @bafta nominations one for Best Actor, Whether it's in tv, film, or on stage, actor @kadi, Sending a big congrats to @plazadeaubrey on her in. I hope so too! I went into this knowing that it was a novelization, so basically exactly like the show, right? The official home of Julie and the Phantoms on Tenor. Charlie: The leader of the pack is Kenny [Ortega]. Soyon is the coolest. Charlie: Have you not danced to High School Musical before?! Boo? The band plays a party at Julie's house. Cant relate? So, I know that Lukes character goes through some pretty heavy stuff. Im wondering how you balance his role as a source of comic relief with his responses to emotionally difficult situations. Micol Ostow has been writing professionally since 2004, and in that time has written and/or ghostwritten over 40 published works for young readers. I added so many unnecessary things and multiple plot lines for extra drama in my DR but who cares. Ive dealt with anxiety and OCD all my life, so I could get behind that and understand what he might be feeling in those situations where he feels like his world is kind of crumbling around him and he needs to get out of the room and get a breather. The grand piano is new, and and and How did she get her stuff in here so fast? This is freaking me out. Charlie: Im gonna say Green Day. Here's one thing We're the revolution // Find the melody Ripping off the Band-Aid. And I just want you to do it You sure? We're actually in a band called Sunset Curve. Mm-mm, wake up , Take off last stop You were talking about Flynn, and I love her and Julies loyal bond and all the girl power there. The show also hints that Julie's mom might have something to do with why she can see the Phantoms while others can't. Julie lost her passion for music when she lost her mom. You dance to High School Musical! Carrie's heart sequin dress on Julie and the Phantoms. Stop talking to them. Countdown till we blast open the top Thats fun! I am here to help you answer any questions you may have about shifting. Look, I'm sorry we came into your life, but what I just felt in there actually made me feel alive again. 'Cause it makes you you Now or never . Her dad was always around too, so we had a lot of fun [with everybody] together. While trying to overcome whatever's holding her back, the Julie accidentally summons the ghosts of an old band from 1995. We worked on becoming a band, and it was really like how it would be if you were starting out as a band: practicing songs, coming up with material, trying to get it out there So, we already had that click. The story and plot were amazing just as it is in the Netflix show, along with the characters, but this book promised to give us new content when it rarely did, yes we did get multiple POVs but only of the main cast; I wish we got some POV of Carrie, Nick, Emily and so on. Ummm, thats hard. Is there a particular musical moment that was most empowering and significant for you to perform? I loved it all, and I only finished it in less than 24 hrs lol. Youll go hang out with them and try to form some kind of bond or friendship before you start, so you can show something on camera thats real. Last night was supposed to be a really big night for us. See more More Communities. Madison: Were a band first, and then actors and actresses [second] because we spend so much time with each other. The Arkansas-born, At just 24 years old, @chrisbriney_ has starred in, First catapulted into the public eye through the b, @palayeroyales overtaking of the music industry, Julie has been cleaning out mom's studio. theres something comforting about knowing exactly what is coming next, exactly what each character will say, and be able to picture and hear them as they do. 268 Likes, TikTok video from 1111 (@zoey.malfoy111): "#julieandthephantomsedit #julieandluke #julieandthephantom #sunsetcurve #julieandthephantomsseason2 #shifting #quantumjumping #desiredreality #shiftok #shiftingrealities #script". And Netflix has been insanely kind and generous because they give us masterclass teachers. Your mom's studio? There are some key similarities between your and Madisons characters, and the two of you spend a lot of time in the spotlight together as two of the leads. Moving from here is only gonna help you move on. Can you talk about making a film with a director whose work was such a big part of your own youth? So, Julie, wanna hear how I slid into home and was almost safe? Charlie: I take a lot of inspiration from my brothers and my little sister. Suddenly, three ghosts appear - the guys from the '90s band Sunset Curve. Theres a dearth of Latina girls in the media, and Im wondering what you hope that Latina girls and girls of every race learn from watching this bold female protagonist lead the show and band? Madison: I love fashion and thrifting; thats my thing. Its inconsistent, combines dialogue unnecessarily, cuts out/ alters key momentsI just can't do it. Theres no Julie and the Phantoms without Owen, Jer, or Madison. Hello my loves! Julie and the Phantoms Season 1, Episode 1 Wake Up Transcript Transcripts Julie and the Phantoms Wake Up Script view 0 1 s01e01 - Wake Up Transcript detail A year after her mom passed away, Julie plays one of her old CDs. feel free to use my script as inspiration! Based on the original Brazilian series Julie e os Fantasmas.#JulieAndThePhantoms Either Nirvana or Linkin Park. I play a lot of instruments the violin, Ive got the uke. Even beloved scenes and songs (Perfect Harmony, Edge of Great) were omitted from the story. A year after her mom passed away, Julie plays one of her old CDs. This means that those joining Reyes as Julie will be Charlie Gillespie as Luke, Owen Patrick Joyner as Alex, and Jeremy Shada as Reggie, making up the "Phantoms," or the trio of musical ghosts that Julie accidentally summons. 'Cause it's all we're after now You're gonna find your way Here you go. She [also] teaches everybody [confidence]; Madison has a lot of confidence. Are you a fan of 90s fashion? I think Kenny and Soyon just looked at it and said, Hey, that looks like it kind of works! and then they ran from there. A fun and exciting read perfectly suited for the target audience! If you've been following me for a little longer now, you know that I'm one of the few people in the world preferring a book over Netflix. Fuck no. Theres something that has triggered that, [like] thinking about his family and realizing he hasnt seen them and [wondering] if theyre still even around. There's a bathroom in the back and a couch that turns into a bed if you still use any of that stuff. Unsaid Emily - Julie and the Phantoms Cast. Obviously, she crushed it. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. Some of this stuff's in pretty good shape. Wait until tonight, man, when this place gets packed with record execs. 'Cause it's part of me original sound - Charlotte !!. But for teen and adult fans, this is a NOoOoOoOo unfortunately. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. Reggie to me feels like a very genuine, relatable person. 2010, Listen to @birdy, @dandliondlion, @girlhouseonline, Ny Oh, @matthewmaltese, @peachprc, @cailinrusso & more in this weeks 1883 On Rotation playlist. Finally Free 7. Been in a couple myself. Why can't you guys just be normal ghosts? Mrs. Harrison said this is your last chance. Netflix / Executive Producers:Kenny Ortega, Dan Cross, David Hoge. The defunct mall we found for our closed contemporary art museum had so many of the essential elements of a high-dollar modern art institution - an expansive lobby, stark white walls, concrete floors, and brutalist elements like this rough, concrete elevator column. Shes real, shes raw, she goes through the same problems that a lot of teenagers go through today which is why shes such a relatable characterWe [also] compare in the passion that we have for our art and for playing the piano and just being kind in general. Charlie: By being friends. On top of that, Ortega revealed in an interview with Digital Spy that they want to do live performances with the show, saying, "We're hoping that the world will join us. what happened to prichard colon referee,